What Karnan Taught Me | Abhistu
Here are few things #Dhanush starring Mari Selvaraj's #Karnan taught me !
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0:00 Intro
1:22 Landscape
3:32 Name Game
4:18 Karnan addressing whom ?
5:18 My Fav Dialog
6:13 What Karnan taught me ?
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  • Baby Heart Musical
    Baby Heart Musical

    கர்ணன் ரிவியு நிறையவே பார்த்திட்டன் ஆணால் மிக தெளிவாக இது போதாது இன்னும் நிறைய வேணுன்னு சொன்னது நீங்க தான் நன்றி 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jithendra Kann
    Jithendra Kann

    True' bruh🔥

  • Kathir Chezhiyan Tamil Kid
    Kathir Chezhiyan Tamil Kid

    Me too had same thought on reservation...an eye opening movie

  • Shiva sh
    Shiva sh

    Pappan na summa vida kudathu nu

  • Fakrudeen Ali T
    Fakrudeen Ali T

    If u really want to understand why reservation is needed, do checkout 'kakkoos' documentary !

  • P R A S H A N T H
    P R A S H A N T H

    Edhukku bro unnaku subs yerave illa?

  • Jagan Lee
    Jagan Lee


  • Keerthana Thangaraj
    Keerthana Thangaraj

    Super 👍🏿

  • Dinesh Maxwell
    Dinesh Maxwell


  • Balli Mittai Gaming
    Balli Mittai Gaming

    Why caste reservation. We can use income reservation right ? Low income people gets more reservation and high income people gets less irrespective of caste 🙄

  • Prabhu T
    Prabhu T


  • Joshua invincible
    Joshua invincible

    Wow!!!! Explored the other side of abishtu ❤️

  • Thamizh Rocky
    Thamizh Rocky


  • nikhil dev
    nikhil dev

    Reservation is the social right to the society ❤️ There are many who still don't understand what is Reservation those people are still away from the society they really need to understand the other side of India. The rural side the caste based villages and streets and the oppression.

  • Praveen Pravin
    Praveen Pravin

    People blaming reservation and caste discrimination...Those kind of people required 1000 periyar... Still Periyar ideology required thought out India...

  • Thalapathy Baloj Editz
    Thalapathy Baloj Editz

    Bro Andha *Why Simbu is The Best Actor* Video Enga Bro.....

  • Aghi's YT
    Aghi's YT

    Malaysian politics and racism is more worst 😞

  • Ajith Kumar Sudarsanam
    Ajith Kumar Sudarsanam

    intha pa ranjith than jaathiya over aha thinipan....

  • Ruban Suresh
    Ruban Suresh

    There is misunderstanding about reservation, everyone thinks that only SC n ST r the ones who benefits from reservation and that is not true, all the classes * MBC/BC* also gets reservation and this for equal educational opportunities and government jobs, it started long back in TN during justice party rulling TN

  • 4020 Clinton Hadrian
    4020 Clinton Hadrian

    Bro plant a tree and lets trend the good thing that vivek sir dreamt of doing.. #ForVivekSir

  • kalai devan
    kalai devan

    Abhistu ku puridu abisthukaluku eppo puriyum

  • Abhirramhi .V.S.
    Abhirramhi .V.S.

    Brother, it is amazing that you understood so much, but reservation is not a poverty eradication programme...it's a social inclusion programme, so that histrorically oppressed communities are represented adequately at all levels. For poverty alleviation, we have to provide financial aid. www.google.com/amp/s/m.thewire.in/article/law/supreme-court-bench-reservation/amp

  • Girirach

    Abishtu you must post a separate video about the reservation.....

  • Girirach

    Best one is reservation awareness.... Yes bro first we all to know about the reservation...

  • s subhashni
    s subhashni

    Abhisti ivlo naal neenga panna review la the most liked review idhu than,cheers keep rocking,ungaluku eduku reservation nu enake sollu irukanga,but being a 1st graduate,who is trying to motivate the ppl around you,know the actual value of life. Keep making good content👍

  • Vanitha V L
    Vanitha V L

    Nice comments dude

  • Pt Nithiya
    Pt Nithiya

    Kodi punium to u thambi...real human...nalairupa

  • Sivakumar Vijayakumar
    Sivakumar Vijayakumar

    Watch Thean (தேன்) Movie & Share your thoughts👆🏻

  • keerthi kridtz
    keerthi kridtz

    Loads of love for doing this❤️ Much needed amidst all the ongoing controversies.. That too from my most fav channel! I'm happy that you've evolved from what you were and shared this with everyone so that they can unlearn and relearn❤️

  • Abinesh Kamaraj
    Abinesh Kamaraj

    Love you ya.. Abistu

  • Saindhavi arasi
    Saindhavi arasi

    bro plz add podcast in spotify u can also add it in achor add in anyting but plz add podcast

  • HaKuNa MaTaTa
    HaKuNa MaTaTa


  • Goutham

    Reservation pathi yevlovo yen friends kita justify panirukan bro ana athalam argument la than poi mudiyum, ana intha movie pathutu veliya vanthathum yenkita argue panna athey friend innum 100 yrs reservation kandipa erukanumnu sonan. Ningalum athey vishayatha address paninga great bro, matha youtuberslam atha pesa thayanguranga.

  • Aiswarya Santhakumar
    Aiswarya Santhakumar

    Just brilliant. 👍 so happy to see such a clarity of thought from u.

  • Parathi Kowsi
    Parathi Kowsi

    Super bro

  • sedhu sedhupathi
    sedhu sedhupathi

    Super bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Unavidavirumbu

    The scene I liked the most is~ when the bus owner approved to stop the bus in thier village..one fellow will fell on his feet but karnan stop him and say (yeppaparu kaal la viluthukitu) is the best dialogue ever.....All credits goes to mari selvaraj❤️🙏

  • Madhev raj Sriram
    Madhev raj Sriram

    True bro, even i was in the misconception on reservation until getting exposure to casteist rural side, even in cities were castiest play very subtle. Anyone from a underprivileged family needs to have social mobility.

  • Gokila vani
    Gokila vani

    Actually ithu unmaiya nadantha oru sambavam in kodiyangulam... Oru basic need kaga poradi neraya peru dead ana original story... Very sensitive and super movie... Marakama yellarum paarunga... ketatha yethunalum kedaikum, bold nd brave ah yetha irunthalum face pannanum... super action flim

  • suriya vj
    suriya vj

    Honest review💯

  • Vish Aer
    Vish Aer


  • Raaj ganes
    Raaj ganes


  • Gowtham G
    Gowtham G

    My opinion is based on the fact that Tamil Nadu is made up of almost 50% urban region population so if you are doing it for rest 50% do it effectively, with combination using caste with first graduate system or caste with Income system Thats personally my opinion!!! I have the wright to be wrong!! So correct me if u have complements!

  • RAVI K
    RAVI K

    Nice brother.

  • Iamriya Rose
    Iamriya Rose

    But u r really matured and understanding the reality. There are many people who never comes and hears the outside world what... happening ..... what's going.......but ur talk made me realise oru sevuthukulla irunthitu pesalam but veliya nadathu poi Partha pesna ah tha theriyum innum edhana idathula ippadi nadakuthu.. unga maturityy.....about reality world ..vera level vera level Thalaiva.....,...............

  • saranya subbaiya
    saranya subbaiya

    Neenga pota review and video laye urupadiyana review... Mass enakulla ulla kelvikum oru satisfied ahna pathil kidachathu thanks.... One of the best review of karnan movie

  • Talk less unbox more
    Talk less unbox more

    A video without abishtu intro music..........

  • Aswanth Prabhu
    Aswanth Prabhu

    Abishtu you are talking superb ! Un peru thaan pa Abishtu aana nee romba Gethu! Nice perspective you have ! I need more more more videos from you ! Dai Enna da Ivan romba nammala pugazhraan apdinu santhosham mattum padatheenga , Enakku reply pannunga that you will do more videos with more concepts ! Chill bro ! I am doctor and I tried to talk in your slang to yourself 😜 All the best for your future boy ! Don’t forget to reply 👍🏻

  • Bhuvaneshwari Malayarasan
    Bhuvaneshwari Malayarasan

    Best understanding brother, need such explanation to people who misunderstands the purpose of such movies


    Reservation pathi theliva puriyanumna economist jeyaranjan speech kelunga

  • 104 Vaitheeswari.V
    104 Vaitheeswari.V

    The besttt the bestt explanation ever🔥

  • Bhuvana Suresh
    Bhuvana Suresh

    nice abhishek. lets hope we will have more realistic movies💖

  • Mani Vannan
    Mani Vannan

    Unga video laye ithu best bro

  • kanna thasan
    kanna thasan

    Super thalaivaaaa😍😍😍


    Bgm mass

  • Ivene

    Unga rendu friendsa ippolam kanon??


    This movies is telling the plain truth that the Mahabharat and Ramayan actually took place in Tamil Nadu. The Sanskrit version over exaggerates the incident and manipulates some truths. Karnan is actually a goat, yes you heard me right he's a goat. A goat which has kundals in its ears. You can search in Google images. The Pandavs were actually the Pandya dynasty of Tamils. And Kauravas were the kuravas of Kerala. And krishna existed between Tamil Nadu and Kerala and acted as a middle man, trying to convince both the dynasties. More truth is coming people.

  • Suresh raj kumar
    Suresh raj kumar

    This is the best and honest review i have seen about the movie

  • Senthil murugan
    Senthil murugan

    Reservation is mostly achieved by admk.. none relevant to dmk

  • Senthil murugan
    Senthil murugan

    தேவேந்திர குல வேளாளர்களை மாஞ்சோலை போராட்டத்துல சுட்டுக் கொன்ற திமுக வீசின பிஸ்கட்டுக்கு வாலாட்ன திருமா.. தலித் பிரதிநிதியா?

  • சூணா பாணா
    சூணா பாணா

    பார்ப்பனன் லையும் உன்னமாதிரி சில நல்ல பேர் இருக்காங்கடா. நல்லா இருடா தம்பி.

  • Senthil murugan
    Senthil murugan

    பால்டாயில் உதயநிதி மிரட்ட, பம்மிய கர்ணன் மாரி.. செ.. திரைல வாளெடுனு, அப்பாவி தலித்தை ஏத்திவிட்டுட்டு பாரின் ல , போய் சினிமா பார்த்துட்ருக்காரு

  • nandhini bhupathi
    nandhini bhupathi

    One life...Love You❤️❤️❤️❤️ And thanks for this video

  • That Foodie Woman
    That Foodie Woman

    Awesome review dude! Especially wrt reservation. Till date SC/ST people are discriminated and hated for getting reservation but it is because they have been treated unfairly and because of the injustice caused to them for not even getting an opportunity for education we have reservation. Without understanding the social structure of India people are always talking bad about reservations !

  • siranjeevi kuppusamy
    siranjeevi kuppusamy

    அருமையான புரிதல்😍..

  • Thiru Murugan
    Thiru Murugan

    அருமையான பதிவு..... தெளிவான புரிதல்........

  • Padmavathi L
    Padmavathi L

    Well said dude✌👏👏🤝

  • sharath kumar
    sharath kumar

    Excellent review..well explained on the reservation.


    sensible point..

  • Jay Prabhu
    Jay Prabhu

    I thought Karnan should've thought you to change your channel name from "Abhisthu" to non caste related common words

  • Thamizh Ekambaram
    Thamizh Ekambaram

    Nice you understood reservation through karnan. I got my clarity when I went to Pettai Novel release function and heard Pa. Ranjith speech... He simply said, "That boy was not allowed in the 1000 mtr running race for 200 years...when all of you were running... Now when he is finally allowed, reservation tells him to just complete 600 mtrs.... A little relaxation for centuries of oppression... Right la?

  • Balaji N
    Balaji N

    30 years munnadi nadanthatha ipa irukura current situation ku set aagumana than pakanum..

  • சந்திரா ப்ரியதர்ஷினி
    சந்திரா ப்ரியதர்ஷினி

    Good one Vicky....lots of love..💖

  • Guru Gopi
    Guru Gopi

    We all should understand what for Reservation. 1) Reservation not for economic benefits. then for what? 2) Reservation for empower the community. What is empower? Why on community? A right or power to take a decision for the society. The distribution of power should have equal representation in all community. for that we need reservation. Why on community? Our Indian society were divided into ladders of inequality. Still it continues. That why it is in community basis. I am not benefited by reservation but I scored high marks? reservation sucks!!! See, Reservation not for individual benefits. Reservation for community representation on various fields like doctor, Engineer, Collector, Police officer and various people addressing profession for that we reservation needs. Why one who scored less can enter into the power it would make the profession inefficient? If one person scored lower than you. It doesn't mean compare to your community or yours. He should compare with his particular community. The level of marks shows the literacy rate of community in the society. Efficiency improve by number of repeatation. To do repeatation we need opportunity. To indentify the person community we need community certificate. It's not for boost up the caste system. Then what for individual benefits? For individual benefits we should claim for scholarship to government and we need more employment and investment for new opportunities from government. Then how we going to remove the caste system? When abhistu think about the reservation it is one of the way to saturate the caste from the society. We have to dilute or saturate the caste system for that we need intercultural or intercommunity marriage. (Nadaga kadhal bruh...)

  • Muthu Vignesh
    Muthu Vignesh

    See thaen movie.

  • Richard Anand
    Richard Anand


  • Sneha Jyoti
    Sneha Jyoti

    Reservation mela irkra ore prechana.....ella allowance um kedachu developed aah irkravnghalkm kudthu exploit panrathuthn....athy time le general middle class ppl kashtapdrngha.....pechku scholarships vangiklmnu sollalamnu thavira inge ethunaperku athu kedaikthu.Antha oru reasn le than economical aah knduvaranmnu asapdren....economical stability kaga reservation uruvagalenu enakm theriym...Apdi panna exploitation nadakmnah athu ipovm than nadakthu.

  • Sellaa kaasu
    Sellaa kaasu

    Reservation important ❤



  • Priya Kris
    Priya Kris

    Correct....school colge la teachers kaatra kutty kutty partiality lendhu idhu start avudhu...physical appearance lendhu elaa edathulayum we get affected

  • Renuka V
    Renuka V

    Abhistu...va Vera mari paka some thing different ha iruku..

  • Venkadesh M
    Venkadesh M

    இட ஒதுக்கீடுகளை ஒழித்தால் சாதிகளை ஒழிக்கலாம் என்று கூறிய அறிவாளிகளுக்கு கர்ணன் சமர்ப்பணம்

  • Hari Subramanian
    Hari Subramanian

    Honest review!

  • Gowtham Udhay
    Gowtham Udhay

    good video bro

  • Swaminathan S
    Swaminathan S

    Nalla explanation 👍


    Exactly the same thought...

  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar

    Best video ever from abhistu

  • Vishnu Mithran
    Vishnu Mithran

    No content... summa oolarathada..

  • Vishnu Mithran
    Vishnu Mithran

    Athan ippo trenda irukka karnan pathi pesuna views likes varum pesa vanthirukka nee, cheap behavior.

  • Ashok bheem rao
    Ashok bheem rao

    Bro.. When u speak about reservation kindly be aware that it's not mainly for economical upliftment but for social upliftment.. Pretty sure you are not going let even ur pakuthu bench chennai reservation beneficiary to enter the sanctum of temples either...first citizen president ke theetu dhane kalikuranga... Don't they??. Has anyone ever attempted to know how many reserved seats and jobs go unfilled each year.. Of course the creamy layer has some privilege.. But that doesn't mean they are undeserving.. Not yet at least.. The creamy layer should naturally yield when there is drought.. Also there might be a biiiggggg difference between you scoring 1000 and ur so called undeserving benchmate scoring the same 1000.. Probably he is only a second or even sometimes first generation literate.. iit le padichu California Cisco vela pathalum angayum avanuku caste discrimination dhane nadakuthu.. Reservation is not the ultimate remedy but just damage control... The damage has long been made... Reservation is the bare minimum right of the historically oppressed.. Mind that reservation includes and must include OBC too..

  • Mr. Crazy
    Mr. Crazy

    reservation la kedachu college pona kooda, inga irukura education system la yedhachu kathuka mudima, not efficient enough, education system marnadha yellaru car la pola

  • Ragland Ananth
    Ragland Ananth

    Really I'm happy for subscribing abishtu channel

  • Muthiah Nachiappan
    Muthiah Nachiappan

    Manivannan solra mathiri mani adikuravangala purinjikitainga. Innum intha manthiri maarunga tha vittu tholaya matraainga.

  • Iniyan Arumugam
    Iniyan Arumugam

    Bro this is the first time I'm watching your video. But love the way you talked about the reservation. Great. Really appreciate you.. 👏👏👏

  • cute saravanan
    cute saravanan

    Unnai Romba appreciate panren bro... Unnoda way of thoughts it's exactly similar to mine... superb...❤️

  • Mohamed Yasikn
    Mohamed Yasikn

    Chennaila than very very least vote 🗳 chennai makkala pathi un stylela kili machan

  • Bazir Mohamed K
    Bazir Mohamed K

    Jaathi venama aana jaathiya vachi reservation venuma apdinu silar kampu suthuvaanuka🤪first reservation naala maatum thaanda jaathiya olikka mudium😊

  • Mediaworks

    Nowadays im missing searching my earphone when i get the notification 💔😢

  • Satish kumar
    Satish kumar

    This is best video from you

  • Macrina Kennedy
    Macrina Kennedy

    The point about reservation is really true. Upto my scl i too thought now a days ppl don't c caste much and everyone r respected bcoz i grew up in such an environment. But i hpnd to met girls frm diff regions of tamilnadu in hostel. I was able to c even children of educated parents were being taught not to mingle with ppl frm scheduled community frm their lil age and in their places ppl of diff castes have separate streets and wells. I had a frnd frm coimb and her native is south tamilnadu. She belong to scheduled comm and she has told me about her native that her place wasn't developed much compared to the nearest higher caste ppl living regions. Since she grew up in coimb she didn't face much of those problems. Even now we come across honour killings. We come across matrimonial ads in caste names. But ppl juz speak like everything has become equal. Even an mla candidate frm chennai in this election time spoke reservation isn't needed. So many are unaware of it's importance...

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